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Meet Stefanie

Philanthropic Consulting Expert

Stefanie Borsari, CAP® has devoted her entire career to the social change sector and has served as both a fundraiser and philanthropy advisor and administrator. As principal and founder of Stefanie Borsari Consulting, Stefanie naturally blends both the art and science of philanthropy in her work with private foundations, donors, and philanthropic families. She specializes and thrives in helping her clients make and navigate decisions and transitions and is adept at supporting donors and boards whose multi-generational families or complex dynamics underpin behaviors and decision-making.


Stefanie has more than 20 years of experience working with boards, staff, and advisors of approximately 200 private foundations (corporate, donor-led, family governed, staffed, and independent) in carrying out their philanthropic and administrative activities. She has intimate experience with the challenges of being both a professional and volunteer fundraiser, having worked as a development officer for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Rush University Medical Center, and Fairfield University. This experience provides a unique and balanced perspective on the social change sector and helps bridge differences and misunderstandings.

She is a 21/64 Certified Advisor and Facilitator, a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, a volunteer with Sanctuary Kitchen in New Haven, CT, and the host of “Giving Voices," a podcast featuring stories told by and about philanthropists.

Stefanie Borsari
Personal and Professional Values

I live with and treat people with integrity.  I surround myself with people I trust and who trust me – with their hearts, their vulnerabilities, and their facts.


We may not always agree on everything, but living and working in and creating a harmonious and healthful environment should be among our top concerns. I do my part by fostering connections, bridging my experience with public charities and private philanthropy, and holding myself accountable to contributing to the well-being and growth of every group of which I'm a part - including in my client relationships.


Going beyond empathy, I am driven to action by a desire to help make things better for people and a commitment to advancing a world in which all live healthily, safely, and peacefully.


There is power and satisfaction in working together toward something. The social change sector benefits when everyone works in sincere alliance – trusting one another and sharing responsibility and risk. Collaboration is essential in my work: no one has all the answers, and working together in mutual respect and accountability is the recipe for success.


I want to understand how people think and work:  how they make decisions, through what lens they see the world, and what inspires and repels them, and why. My best clients are those who are curious about themselves, their families, the groups with which they identify, and those they intend to help. They want to understand societal issues and explore options, and they know that being curious helps one make the most educated and most authentic decisions.


 I am simply not satisfied with Good Enough. I have high standards and I only work with people where I know I can give and deliver the best.

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