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Services and Approach

Stefanie Borsari Consulting can help donors, philanthropic families, and private foundation boards at every stage of your philanthropic journey. Whether you are at the beginning and need direction as you get started, have matured such that it's time to reassess and adjust, or are contemplating sunsetting, I can guide and support you through decision-making, planning, and implementing. Every engagement follows the same general approach, with customizations and creativity applied as benefits our work together and your desired outcomes.


Defining Vision, Values, and Mission

Helping individuals, donors, families and boards to understand and define their unique and collective visions, values, intent, and purpose. This reduces ambiguity and uncertainty and provides a base from which structure and strategy can be built. Once consensus is achieved and frameworks are established, productive and meaningful action can be taken toward accomplishing goals and effecting impact.

Facilitation and Planning

Advising and supporting philanthropic donors, families, and boards facing or navigating changes like receiving significant funding, engaging the next generation, changing funding priorities, or addressing governance structures and policies. I guide you through both structured and organic conversation and exercises to arrive at solutions and decisions, to identify objectives and goals, and to architect plans to achieve those goals. 


Philanthropic Strategy and Advisory

Guiding families and boards through every stage of a private foundation or philanthropic enterprise's lifecycle including leading and managing the foundation or enterprise, and, increasingly commonly, sunsetting a foundation. As Fractional Executive Director, I provide professionalism, structure, and support for the long-term/foreseeable future as your dedicated leader or through a shorter period as I help you craft the organization's future and set you up for success.


Information Collection 

Individual, intentional conversations and interviews designed to collect and identify themes, challenges, opportunities. 


Facilitated review of the reflection piece: consider observations and emotional and intellectual responses. Exercise(s) to advance definitions, ideas, etc.

Consensus and Action

Collaboration to arrive at consensus and identify goals, objectives and actions.

Leadership and Execution

Variable levels of guidance and support in carrying out action items and/or leading and managing  initiatives. 

Stefanie Borsari Consulting Colorful Growth Bulb


Workshops are designed to help identify initiatives  and issues. I collaborate with clients to develop and will then facilitate convenings from which ideas, changes and solutions advance.

These are customized, short term engagements. Contact me to explore!

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