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Stefanie Borsari Consulting

Helping families, donors, and private foundations find purpose and develop framework for their philanthropic activities

Philanthropic Advisor

Effecting change becomes easier when your work is rooted in your own convictions and vision and with the support of the right partner guiding you through the myriad considerations and options. Stefanie Borsari Consulting aims to narrow the gap between abundance and societal need by guiding, inspiring, and assisting philanthropists – both emerging and experienced – in clearly defining and advancing their social missions with purpose and intention. 

Growth, Philanthropy Services

I want to compliment you on your work. The reflection report was detailed and accurate and presented in a great tone. I was very impressed with what we accomplished together and give you all the credit.

Jay Healy,

Founder and Owner Century Wealth Management 

Giving Voices Podcast

Giving Voices Podcast

Stories told by and about philanthropists

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